SEO Bot - fully autonomous "SEO Robot" with AI agents for Busy Founders

SEObot takes 100% of SEO work out of your way so that you can focus on building your product. 

It drives organic traffic to your website. 

*Powered by AI and GPT agents.

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Why SEO Bot?

SEObot will help you automate the SEO optimization process and create a blog effortlessly.

  • Programmatic SEO

  • AI Generated Blog

  • Auto Keyword Research

  • AI Linking

  • Acts like a SEO Robot

  • Custom CTA (Call-to-Action)

Revolutionizing SEO for Project Busy Founders Everywhere

Overwhelmed by SEO tasks? Meet SEO Bot, the all-in-one AI-driven solution designed to save you time and effort. Get ready for a game-changer! 

  • Keyword Analysis

    SEObot (aka SEO Robot) expertly analyzes keywords from Google, targeting the most relevant ones for maximum impact. Say goodbye to manual research! 

  • Content Optimization & Creation

    Not only can SEObot (aka SEO Robot) optimize existing articles based on traffic analysis, but it can also create new content that ranks highly in search results. Who needs a content team? 

  • Automated Traffic Growth

    Focus on what matters most while SEObot (aka SEO Bot) takes care of driving organic traffic from Google. Perfect for busy makers who want results with minimal hassle. 

Supported Languages

We currently support 50 languages and are always adding more. 


The Platform Sparks Enthusiasm Among Users

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Answers to your questions about the SEObot platform

  • Can it make the individual blog pages automatically?

    Everything is automated. If you want you can assist it, give it ideas, or take control, but by default, it runs 100% autopilot.

  • How do I get access to the SEObot platform?

    You can easily onboard your website yourself at 

  • How good are the results?

    The quality gets better every day. AI will measure the performance of all articles to improve them authomatically.

  • Does it work in other languages than English?

    Yes, it can create quality SEO articles in many modern languages.

  • What if I don't have a blog?

    SEOBot will generate articles for your blog. You only need to connect your blog CMS.

  • What integrations and CMS do you support?

    CMS: Wordpress, Webflow, Unicorn Platform, Shopify, Ghost. Integrations: REST API, Webhooks, NextJS, Zappier, Make, etc.

Get started with SEObot - Your SEO and Blogging Autopilot

SEObot is an AI-powered platform for busy founders that takes care of your SEO and blogging needs, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

  • Blogging on Autopilot

    SEObot creates and updates your blog content

  • Automated SEO

    SEO Bot optimizes your blog content, builds internal links

  • Time-Saving Solution

    You can focus on your business while we handle your SEO

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